About Us

Pest treatment St Louis and surrounding areas

AAA Pest Management/Guardian Pest Defense

Pest control companies have limited abilities to treat based on the licensing and qualifications of their staff.  Our staff is licensed for Turf and Ornamental pests, General Structural Pests and Termite Pests.  

These licenses allow us to treat your entire property instead of only your structure and within 10 feet.  

We excel in Weed control, lawn pests including mosquitoes, mole control, Nuisance Wildlife Trapping and Management, General Pest Control for all types of insects and arachnids (spiders, mites, etc.) and vertabrae pests like rats and mice.

We also offer the added services of Landscape maintenance, repair services up to and including a total remodel, exclusion services to keep out wildlife and more.  

Pests are no match for our experience or products

No matter where the pests are hiding, or even in your face obvious, we know the best way to remove them and keep them away, Your home, office, commercial kitchen, restaurant or any other structure and outdoor area are where we excel, we treat. your spaces with same care as our own.  Safety is always first.  

Bees matter, let's protect them while treating pests

Pest control applied in an incorrect manner is the leading cause of bee colony collapse.  This is an issue that affects the world's food supply, not a manner of personal preference.  It's a very good reason to hire professionals, who are Guardians of the environment.  

We use only the best products, applied in the safest manner to targeted pest areas only.  Doing so, we prevent the accidental destruction of our precious pollinators.